Why you should consider a Career in HGV Industry as a Single Middle Aged Woman

Why you should consider a Career in HGV Industry as a Single Middle Aged Woman

HGV driving is more frequently linked with men only. It is considered to be a male dominant industry with too few or no opportunities for women. WRONG! This is just a myth. You can start your career as a HGV driver anytime in your life. You just need to be above 18 years of age and hold a valid UK driving licence. The trend among women to get HGV driver training is growing every day. There is also an option to train yourself as a PCV bus driver. There are top quality PCV Bus training schools in London.
More and more women are looking forward to take it up as a career choice especially when they are in their middle age. A few reasons you should consider taking this up as a career once you are around or above 40 are:

Resilience and Job guarantee

Now it’s time that you invest your energy and time into a career that deserves it and gives you something in return. After years of getting dressed and spending 8 hours in front of the computer or on a till, it is the most secure job opportunity you will ever find that gives you the freedom to work the way you want (no chanting boss while it’s that time of the month!). After an easy HGV training course you will be eligible to get your HGV driver license and instantly find a job because HGV drivers are always in demand in the UK.

Easy money

Once you reach your middle age you start thinking to make money with minimum effort and headache. This is the best career to take up in those terms. As a trained HGV driver you will be making money to travel the whole country (exactly what people spend their savings on in their middle age). What’s better than working in calm and serene environment!

No responsibilities back home

Being a HGV driver means being away from home for weeks. Why you should be able to settle in this industry is because you’ve got no kids or spouse to go back home to and worry about. It’s an ideal job for a single independent woman who loves to travel and explore new places. Even when you go home according to your liking, you won’t have piled up mails to answer and issues to resolve. Just enrol yourself in some cooking classes and spend your holiday enjoying it.

So if you delayed pursuing this career earlier in your life then it’s about time that you look into it all over again and see the benefits it offers to give you. It’s an ideal deal for a strong single woman who wants to end up making a lot of money while having the time of her life.